This is a quality/performance driven programme floated to offer top notch support services to the low/below and average students through the use of the mass media-Television/Radio to compliment the effort of the teachers in achieving the main academic/educational goals aims and objectives.  Through Remedial classes, coaching, mentoring, leadership academy, election of prefects and honourables, we have been able to raise future leaders.  Presently, the population of the Primary School is 800 while the College is 600.


Each child writes projects to build inquiry/research.  This inspires students to perform at their peak and make stakeholders (Parents, Government, Organization) happy and proud


Counseling Psychologist through career development inspires learners to improve attitude, aptitude and altitude at all levels across-the-conduct, pre-in and post examination success strategies.


Knowing very well that average student is hardly interested in readily involving himself in serious studies and tight schedule, we make work look like play using edutainment styles with rich verbal instructions, role play, film, talk shows etc to kindle learning process.

At the beginning of each term, we Develop Distinction Drive (DDD), around mid-term, we do Gap Analysis (GAPA), before examinations, we do “Why you fail, what you know” during the session or holiday, we do Top Trend workshop and re training for teachers.

All these help each child’s mind set, personal efficiency, and goals possibility.  It improves intelligence and makes learning easier.


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