Learn from the 3 American Presidents

“Life” as the saying goes, is not a bed of roses.  It is full of “ups” and “downs” but when you experience the down side, you should be able to rise again.

These three American Presidents had carved a niche for themselves in the book of history because they learnt to manage their crisis well.

The present American President, Donald Trump was accused of rape by a woman at age 13.  Also, around this age when attending the Kew-Forest School in Forest Hills, Queen, he caused some trouble which almost made him to be expelled but his parents transferred him to New York Military Academy to use his energy positively.  As an adult, he has had series of marriages.  But presently, he is president of USA because he concentrates on his strong areas.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only man who ruled American for four terms in office consecutively was a ‘C’ student and a crippled.  He did not allow his background to push him to the ground but showed that there could be ability in disability.

Finally, here is the list of failures of the famous Abraham Lincoln:

  • In 1832, he lost job and defeated for state legislature
  • In 1933, he failed in business
  • In 1835 his sweetheart died
  • In 1836, he had nervous breakdown
  • In 1838, he was defeated for speaker.
  • In 1843, he was defeated for nomination for congress
  • In 1848, he lost renomination
  • In 1849, he was rejected as land officer,
  • In 1854, defeated for US senate
  • In 1856, defeated for nomination for Vice President and in 1858 defeated for U.S. Senate but in 1860 was elected as president of United State of America! Supposing he had given up at his long list of failures.

Great men in life just don’t wake up and find themselves to be, but perseverance, hard work and courage make them to be.  So, learn from the three American Presidents as you proceed to your various institutions of higher learning.  Congrats!


Turn your grave yard to gold mine and never you allow your background to put your back to the ground.

Bodija International Senior School follows the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum which has been developed by the University of Cambridge Examinations Board.  By the time students get to our senior school, they are already accustomed to our method of teaching and training standards to enable them achieve essential skills necessary for best results in IGCSE examinations.  We now have a department for Nigerian languages.  These classes are vibrant and students have developed writing skills in one of Nigerian traditional languages.  We hope to add more of Nigerian languages in the future.  At the senior school, we concentrate on the compulsory subjects students need for enrolment into tertiary institutions both within the country and abroad.  Our Administrator also offers support to guide students with their choice of subjects.  We prepare them (a) Primary programmes – WASSCE (West African School Senior Examination) NECO SSCE (National Examination Council) (b) Secondary Programme – IGCSE (Cambridge FOEL Test of English as a foreign language (SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test) UTME (University Matriculation Examination).


  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. Auto Mechanics/Photography/Animal Husbandry
  4. Computer Studies/ICT
  5. Civic Education
  6. Biology
  7. Chemistry
  8. Physics
  9. Further Mathematics (elective)
  10. Agric/Foods & Nut (elective)
  11. P H E (elective)
  12. Geography (elective)


  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. Auto Mechanics
  4. Computer Studies/ICT
  5. Civic Education
  6. Technical Drawing
  7. Foods & Nutrition
  8. Physics
  9. Chemistry
  10. Further mathematics (elective)
  11. Basic Electricity (elective)
  12. Building Construction (elective)
  13. Geography (elective)


  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. Animal Husbandry/Photography/Book keep/
  4. Computer Studies/ICT
  5. Civic Education
  6. Accounting
  7. Commerce
  8. Economics
  9. Geography
  10. Insurance (elective)
  11. Office Practice (elective)
  12. Further Mathematics (elective)


  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. Carpentry & Joinery/Photography/Animal Husbandry
  4. Computer Studies/ICT
  5. Civic Education
  6. Yoruba
  7. Literature-In-English
  8. C R S
  9. Government
  10. French (elective)
  11. Economics (elective)
  12. Geography (elective)
  13. Agricultural Science/Foods & Nut (elective)
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