At our Nursery school stage, our experienced teachers encourage each child to discover their creative potential and love of learning.  The foundation of a high standard of learning guides them into lower primary (1-3) and mid primary (3-6).  They develop open, inquiring mind and, and love of learning.  This is the stage when they are nurtured to think and grow in self confidence.  They also develop the ability to learn figures, read and write in English language.  Our nursery school is popularly known as our ‘LITTLE PARADISE’.  We produce:

  • Child friendly learning environment
  • Individually tailored programmes to meet the needs of each child
  • State of the arts institutional materials
  • Enrich children in activities and learning experience to lead them into college.

Our teaching includes fundamental culture of courtesy to improve behaviour and self-esteem.  We are committed to academic excellence at this early stage of learning.

Our primary school has produced outstanding candidates in the national Common Entrance Examination from 2001 to date.  We won a place in the 1st National Exhibition of Children‘s Art Handicraft and Toys.  Best school in Oyo State of Nigeria national Children’s day celebration.  Participated in the Nigerian Television Authority (GTV’s), National Project for children.  Our children’s art are exhibited at many exhibitions.

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