Bodija International School and College is absolutely committed to continuous improvement in academics sports, within a conducive and motivating environment to develop independent, life-long learners and successful international citizens.

Many of our pupils and students who graduated from us have had very obvious successes at the school and continue to experience successes in their various endeavours.

The massive dream project of Chairman Governing Council Justice Kayode Eso CON, MA,LTT.D Finias, CFR and Proprietress, Mrs. Helen Aina Eso JP, SRN(IR) SCM(UK) is coming to fruition year in year out, making education the greatest gift of all and hence bringing the greatest rewards.  Core values to be imbibed by learners are leadership skills, spiritual development, honesty, integrity, good interpersonal skills through clubs activities such as:

  • Business Club
  • Jet Club
  • Literary & Debating Society
  • Press Club
  • Fellowship Club
  • Boys Scout
  • Drama Group
  • Agric/Young Farmers
  • Foreign Language Club
  • Music/Art Club
  • School Geographic Club
  • Yoruba Club
  • Red Cross Society & Girls Guide
  • ICPC Club
  • Home Economics Club
  • Mathematics
  • Road Safety Club
  • Takwando Club                                                                      .

An inestimable: code of conduct, tolerance and respect for others.

Upon graduation, each student will surely miss the exuberance, smiles, and memories of their time with us.

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