This is Bodija International School, established on 17th January, 1966. Here, our Millennium Bell tolls along in the class of distinction and excellence, as we maintain our national and international outlook.


BIS has a highly conducive and child-friendly learning-environment which puts every learner at the Centre of the learning-process.  In addition to the provision of high quality, early childhood education in full consonance with global best practices and methodologies, we constantly keep the “cognitive, psychomotor and affective” domains of the learning-process in view.


  1. We parade an array of highly dutiful, qualified and experienced teachers.
  1. Our approach to the teaching-learning process, rooted in Science and ICT is second to none.


We present highly synchronized, state-of-the-art academic programmes for

  1. Crèche (3 months to 18 months+)
  1. Pre-Nursery Classes (2 to 3 years)
  1. Nursery Class (3 to 4 years)
  1. Pre-Primary Classes (4 to 5 years)
  1. Primary Classes (5 to 10 years)


WE USE world-class instructional techniques and materials, in full realization that every child has a learning style, while at the same time, keeping in view, the Revised Federal Curriculum from the National Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), here in Nigeria.

  • Our Library is open to children every school-day.
  • The Cultural and Creative Art Studio, the French Room, the Music and ICT Rooms are always open, and at the service of all Children and Staff.


Our Ultra-Modern Sports Arena beckons!

  1. Your Child stands to benefit as follows.

–        Participation in Track and Field Sporting activities on a well groomed, green/grassy pitch beautifully in-                        set in the main bowl of standard athletics tracks.

–        Play at our well-equipped Play-Nation domain.

–        Participation in our athletics competitions, Intra and Inter-School Sports, Carnivals and Funfair.

  1. We encourage activities of Voluntary Organizations in the School to ensure  the non-formal aspect of an All-Round-Total-Education for the Child:

–        Children are encouraged to belong to and participate in Clubs activities.

–        Cub scouts, The Brownies, Early Savers Club, School Conservation Club, Road Safety Club, Young Artists                      Club and others, are facilitated in the school.

We feature the Great BIS Parliament every year!  Your child is welcome to that platform.

At Bodija International School, The Best Foundation for the Success of your Child  is guaranteed!!!


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