I was honoured to have attended this year’s Conference in Atlanta Georgia USA, being a first timer; I was blown away by the enormity of the Conference.  I have been to several Conferences over the years especially the NBA (Nigerian Bar Association) but this particular Conference met every bit of my expectations.

The first working day, A group of school owners and I from Nigeria visited a school called West Wood Academy. This school has a kindergarten and High School, although as expected the High School starting from their middle school, which was in a separate premises. What I saw in the school that started off in 1900 as a Military school for boys and   later admitted girls, was a structured learning environment and their discipline was high.  I did not see any student walking around; they were all in their respective classrooms/laboratories throughout our visit.

We had several lectures by educators at the general sessions such as: everything you need to know about heading school changes, where experienced administrators know that under the most favourable condition change can be challenging.

Another thought provoking lecture was whether independent school fees was worth the tuition? We discussed issues and found that, the independent school leaves no child behind. We also achieved success in both cognitive and non cognitive issues. There were over 100 lectures over a period of 3 days and it was practically impossible to attend 3 lectures in a day, as there were excursions to interesting places such as CNN Center, Martin Luther King Centre and Atlanta Aquarium.

It was a new learning experience for me, seeing Educators from different schools in the United State of America (USA) and outside USA as far as Dominica Republic.  I could not network as much as I could as the crowd was large. However, I intend to do more of that at the next  Conference in 2019.

Dr Ogunsanya, our amazing chairperson has done a wonderful job and I do commend her emotional strength and organizational skills at the Conference.

this just an official report of my attendance at the conference. Above all the learning experience will defiantly impact on the student.

to my graduating class… I will miss you all but we must part for all of you to move forward in your various academic fields.

I wish you all well and I know that, you will make the school proud, be good ambassadors, believe in yourselves, be confidant at all fronts and remember that, the Sky is no longer the limit.


Congratulations to the class of 2017, as a graduating student, each one of you, can now look within yourself and re-examine your aspirations and step forward with higher confidence into a new phase of life.

There is no limit to where you can go from Bodija International, as we have seen our students’ lives change in countless, progressive, unexpected ways.  Beyond graduation at Bodija International College, there is no limit to where you can go from here.  Your most fundamental modes of thinking will surely shift positively and productively, to map out the future, ahead.

Be more informed and insightful as you move forward.  Make your leap from theory to practice and from idea to reality.  Your choice of course of disciplines will demand higher concentration.

Be ready to explore new perspectives, test limits, and find ways to expand on an idea with potential in which you have been groomed here at Bodija International College; your Almamata.

As you graduate from our stimulating learning environment, remember to be responsible and reliable.  Be good ambassador rand never forget from where you are coming from.

Happy celebrations and congratulations!

I welcome you warmly to Bodija International School and College and I do appreciate your interest at visiting us on site.

Our institution, though, established in 1966 by Mrs. Helen Aina Eso and Hon Justice Kayode Eso, is a modern, forward looking Nursery/primary and College, dedicated to giving you the knowledge and experience you need in early – childhood.  Nursery/Primary and College education through International General Certificate of Secondary education (IGCSE) to successfully pursue the course and profession of your choice upon completion of secondary education.

We are trained and committed to give you a challenging academic environment that is focused on bringing out the best in you.  You will also gain, or enhance, real-world work skills through our multiple skills – entrepreneurial subjects like photography, wood work, and Building, Technical Drawing.

We have a long-established reputation and our Boarding-house has consistently scored well in meeting our students need thereby supporting students in their personal development.  We arrange open days throughout the academic year where, you can meet our staff and students and see our facilities for yourself.

Do come and visit us and get an excellent taste of Bodija International School and College.

We remain a friendly community where every student matters.

With great expectation I do hope that you will join us.

Barrister Funmilayo Williams
The Director of Schools.


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